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Intercom & Biometric Systems

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Tech Sync has a dedicated group of highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field of Intercommunication and Biometric systems, catering to a wide range of clients who completely rely on our services. Our expertise is end-to- end as we offer solutions to residences, organizations, small offices, large complexes, business parks, chain of apartment and others. Simple or complex set-up, wire or wireless, audio or video intercom, fingerprint access, time-stamped access or any other - we deal with a diverse range of brands of Intercom and Biometric systems in par with world class standards.

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In and out phone calls in offices to give connection to other things

For Apartments - When connecting phones inside apartments

Key telephone system Installation and maintenance


Attendance systems

In/out timing recording in offices and institutions




o Secure us

Access Control for Offices

Finger based access control

RFID based access control

Face Recognition access control

Eye recognition access control